Short Bio:

An Independent songwriter, living in Nashville, who has had her songs featured on more than 20 TV shows (Parenthood, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Brothers and Sisters, One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars) as well as National TV ads for Eharmony and Walmart.  Amy has released 3 digital EPs and one nationally distributed full length solo recorded  entitled The Other Side of Love Sessions.  Along with Gabe Dixon she is the newest member of the TEN OUT OF TENN tour where she is one of ten featured artists along side Andrew Belle, Katie Herzig, Matthew Perryman Jones and more. Recently Amy released a single called ‘ Fell Like A Feather’ on a collaborative project spear-headed by Phil Madeira called Mercyland with artist The Civil Wars, Mat Kearney, Emmylou Harris and More.

In 2012 Trent Dabbs and Stroup released a self titled band project called Sugar & The Hi-Lows. Billboard magazine called the project ‘Sweet Stuff.’ USA Today said,’The only thing better than the bluesy, garage-rock guitars is Trent Dabbs and Amy Stroup’s vocal chemistry.’ Marie Claire magazine stated, ‘This Nashville duo’s sultry garage rock comes in like a lion, thanks to fuzzy guitars and Amy Stroup’s salted-caramel voice.’

Full Story:

Amy Stroup lives in Nashville, but she¹s part of the Other Nashville, a
community that¹s geographically close, but artistically far away from the
country music business. It¹s a place where songwriters like Stroup are
fearlessly demolishing the boundaries between genres, floating freely
through the musical universe to create music that blends elements of folk,
pop, country and rock into a unique style that encompasses them all, without
fitting easily into any existing category. Like her earlier solo albums,
Tunnel avoids the easy truths in search of something more substantial. ³When
you feel something real, you realize there are a lot of aspects of love,²
Stroup says. ³Fairytale love, brotherly love, the love you see in movies,
true love, but reality is that commitment and relationships take effort.
They refine us and, while sometimes that process is difficult, it brings out
the best in us if we endure.²

Stroup wrote the songs on Tunnel during three tumultuous years, balancing
touring with her band Sugar and the Hi Lows with a period of intense soul
searching and spiritual growth. It¹s a personal album, full of hard won
insights marked by soaring melodies and Stroup¹s quietly simmering vocals.
The album was tracked in two sessions, one at Brown Owl Studio with Thomas
Doeve, who produced Stroup¹s second solo album, the other, almost a year
later, with Konrad Synder, who produced The Hi Lows holiday record.

³Falling,² a song about the dying embers of a relationship was written with
Mary Hooper. Chiming guitar, spacey organ and skittering percussion that
includes djembe, congas and shakers produce a delicious polyrhythmic clatter
to compliment Stroup¹s multi-tracked harmonies and a vocal that¹s equal
parts anguish and resignation. Hooper also contributed to ³Far From
Yesterday,² a simple song of lost love and regret that balances an irregular
percussion track that mimics the sound of a breaking heart with Stroup¹s
silky, forlorn vocals. Stroup wrote ³Finally Found Our Way² with Pillar
Diaz, a singer that grew up in Chile, and producer/songwriter Cason Cooley.
It¹s a cautiously optimistic ballad with Synder providing a faintly funky
rhythm loop and the sanctified sound of a church organ on synthesizer to
compliment Stroup¹s delicately jubilant vocal. ³It All Comes True² is a
mellow, unapologetically happy pop song. It sports one of the album¹s most
catchy melodies and another gently uplifting performance by Stroup. The
music on Tunnel is deceptively calm, but Stroup¹s vocals convey hidden
depths of feeling that pull you deeper with every listen. By mixing the
acoustic sounds of a singer/songwriter with a subtle, shimmering studio
gloss, the record weaves a dream-like spell of rapturous melancholy.

Stroup was born in Boston, but the family moved frequently. She was
classically trained on piano, competed in classical competitions and began
singing almost as soon as she could talk. ³The church I grew up in only sang
a capella,² Stroup says, ³so I learned to hear harmony from an early age. I
went to five different schools from K-12 because the family followed my
father¹s ministry. When I moved to Nashville for college, I decided I was
going to stay in one place for a while, even if I didn¹t like it.²

In high school, Stroup saw Patty Griffin open a show for the Dixie Chicks.
It was a life changing experience. ³I was mesmerized by her performance. She
was the kind of songwriter I aspired to be.² At Nashville¹s Lipscomb
University, Stroup studied classical guitar and marketing, while working
with producer Nathan Chapman on her first album, Chasing Greenlights (2006).
Her second album, The Other Side of Love Sessions, produced with Thomas
Doeve, was released in 2011. The songs struck a resonant chord with the
public and were licensed to indie films, commercials and TV shows, including
Parenthood, Dallas, Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill and Gray¹s Anatomy.

In 2012, Stroup and Trent Dabbs, another young Nashville maverick, put
together Sugar and The Hi-Lows, a band that performed the duo¹s original
material with an upbeat combination of pop, folk, soul, rock, gospel,
rockabilly and R&B. Their eponymous first album was released in 2012 and
they¹re currently working on their second collection. Stroup carved out the
time to put together Tunnel between touring with The Hi-Lows, the
songwriting collective Ten from Tenn and her work with her marketing and
management company, Milkglass Creative. Songs from the album have already
been placed on Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth and
The Vineyard. Stroup is also featured in the ABC-TV documentary The Love of
Music: The Story of Nashville.


“Amy Stroup has what is a rarity among most people doing music but common for all great artists that make a real impact – unique artistry that is immediately identifiable. That special something that cuts through the noise. I’ve been a fan since the first song.” – Nathan Chapman- Grammy Award Winning Producer

“Amy’s music is interesting, lyrically compelling, and musically fresh. Plus she is an incredible singer and performer.  Her view of the world as a songwriter is unique and optimistic, vulnerable and strong. “ – Jody Williams- VP BMI NASHVILLE

“Amy is one of the most talented independent singer/songwriters working in Nashville today.  She stunned me performing live on our Nashville Sunday Night broadcast and as I investigated her recordings, I found gems like “Hold On To Hope Love,” “I Fell For You” and “I’m In,” which should all be hits.” – DAVID HALL, Operations Manager/Program Director L100

“Amy has a tender gracefulness to her voice that takes the listener into a song and has them hanging on her next word.” – Trent Dabbs, songwriter